In our shop we have selection of things for present and homedecoration.

We have handmade chocolate from Mercedes chocolaterie

Ecological delicacies from södergårds

Globe hope products, products made in Finland of recycled materials.

We also have for sale paintings from a Finish artist Veli Ähtävä


Cheramics from Bloominwille
Paintings from Veli Ähtävä
Piecies of jewelry

Necklaces and ear rings from recycled- and fusing glass, KM-Kdesign.

Chocolate handmade in Åland
Ecologocal delicacies from Södergårds
Retro tin jars

Plates for candles and pots, candle stics and small ornaments, KM-Kdesign.

Retro tin jars

Retro tin jars, other ornaments and small boxes with mint sweets.

Small ornaments

Small ornaments in ceramics,


Globe hope

Globe hope products in recykled materials.

Angels in glass

Glass angels made of recykled glass,


Stearin candles

Made of 100% stearin, no added fragrans and nature preserving colours.