Brobacka bed and breakfast and cafe áre Green Key certified which is an international sustainable certification for accommodation operations, restaurants, café´s and visitor facilities. To receive the certificate the activity shall fulfil certain categories in water- and energy consumption, cleaning, foodstuff, and environmental management. To keep the certificate the activity is obligated to improve sustainability work yearly e.g., work towards new goals. You find more information about Green Key certification on

At Brobacka we think it’s interesting and fun with responsibility for the nature and environment and we always try to come up with new ways to be more eco-friendly. Our vision at Brobacka is to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, a vision we are hoping to reach in association with our customers, suppliers and co-workers. We want to run a café and guesthouse business that inspires and encourages our guests to choose an eco-friendlier alternative too.


Eco-labelled & locally produced:

Locally produced food and products, especially products from the Åland Islands are something we care deeply for here at Brobacka and we are happy to cooperate with several local companies here on the island.  The flour we use in our bread and cakes is eco-labelled and locally produced at “Överängs kvarn” in Saltvik. Most of our dairy products are from our local dairy industry ÅCA.

Inspiration & encouragement:

In well-chosen places all around the guesthouse and the café there are small frames with information on several ways how to save e.g. water and energy.


There are recycling bins in both of the guesthouse kitchens, which gives our guests the possibility to recycle their trash. There are separate bins for mixed waste, compost, glass, metal, newspapers, batteries and bottles/cans.

“We at Brobacka gästhem do not want to be a part of the problem – but a part of the solution for a more sustainable world and a source of inspiration for others!”